Max MSP Tools

I’ve just updated the collection of abstractions and javascripts I use on one of my project pages. One of my favourite things about Max MSP is the ability to extend and re-use pieces of code. There’s a list of all the included files with a short description included in the zipped archive. As stated it is a work in progress so if you notice that something is missing then let me know and I’ll look into it. I hope someone out there finds it helpful.


JSON File Parser

When using javascript in MaxMSP you can query most of the attributes of the available objects. Things like the screen co-ordinates, the scripting name and whether the object is included in presentation mode. There are a few things that it cannot tell you with one example being the number of inlets or outlets an object has. One way to do this is to parse the file in the uncompressed text format. MaxMSP files are stored as JSON so reading them inside javascript isn’t too difficult. We can then query any of the values that you can see if you open a file as text. I’ve written a script to load in the parent patch and report object attributes in a few different ways. Continue reading…