Ordered [loadbang] Update

Here is the updated version which allows you to set the order with any number including negatives and decimals, which should be useful for collecting groups of events together. If you instantiate the object with any other arguments these will be sent on load instead of the usual “bang” so the object functions as a [loadmess] replacement too.

// lh.loadbang.js

var loader = new Global("loader");
loader.num = 0;
loader.all = [];

var inst = jsarguments[1];

var t = new Task(poll);
t.interval = 10;

function poll() {
    if (loader.all[loader.num] == inst) {
        if (jsarguments.length > 2) {
        } else {

function loadbang() {
    if (!max.loadbangdisabled) {
        if (typeof(inst) == "number") {

function up(a,b) {
    return a-b;

autowatch = 1;

// EOF

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