Birthday Club

Here’s some music that I’ve had floating around for absolutely ages. These are the most polished versions of the songs that I have on my computer. It is a collaboration between me and my friend Lindsay who is a pretty brilliant illustrator as well as being a lyricist and singer. It was created Postal Service style while we were in different cities except using the cleverness of FTP. We should really get together and try to write some more music, I haven’t written anything in ages and I miss it a lot. The name we write under is “Birthday Club”. I hope you enjoy the tracks.

For your enjoyment: “Guardians” and “You Want To”.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Club

  1. Luke – nice tunage.

    I made it over from the WordPress CSS “Help Forums”.

    I have some racks on Sound Cloud too (great site:

    peep them here:

    any/all FB welcome.

    Thanks for the CSS tips for my blog!


    Curt King
    Demolish Mag.

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