Attribute Parsing

I’ve been working with javascript in MaxMSP quite a lot recently. I find it easier to work with when dealing with lists, logic and patch scripting. Personally, I think it makes a lot more sense to use a few lines of code than loads of standard objects. I will share some of these javascript tools in the future, hopefully someone will find them useful. In the meantime I’ve been tidying them up, documenting them and making helpfiles. While doing this I realised that it would be nice to be able to use @style attributes in the [js] object like you can in standard objects rather than just creating an array from the “jsarguments” property. So I decided to write a script to parse both attributes and arguments automatically so you don’t have to search for them yourself. Continue reading…


Birthday Club

Here’s some music that I’ve had floating around for absolutely ages. These are the most polished versions of the songs that I have on my computer. It is a collaboration between me and my friend Lindsay who is a pretty brilliant illustrator as well as being a lyricist and singer. It was created Postal Service style while we were in different cities except using the cleverness of FTP. We should really get together and try to write some more music, I haven’t written anything in ages and I miss it a lot. The name we write under is “Birthday Club”. I hope you enjoy the tracks. Continue reading…

First Post

I have created this blog as a place to host some of my musical and programming output. In the next few days I hope to upload some javascripts and abstractions for users of the MaxMSPJitter software from Cycling ’74. I am currently checking everything and writing help files to make it easier to understand the purpose and functions of each object. I hope that other people will find them useful; in fact, some of the tools came about directly from requests and questions posted to the Max forum. The collection¬†will include an assortment of list operations, prototyping tools, conversion equations and a few other miscellaneous items and I image it will be revised from time to time. I will try to post some of my musical creations here soon as well.